Designer Perfumes for R50 Each

Strong long-lasting perfumes for your hard-earned cash. A 30ml bottle will last you for almost two months.

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We are NOT duplicate perfumes; we are generic perfume

In the entire world, there are about 30 significant suppliers of perfume oil. As a result, several of the vendors that we utilise to purchase our concentrate (oils) are also used by the designer fragrance companies. These vendors are openly accessible and sell directly to everyone. We cannot mimic the look of the brand names and logos because they are protected by copyright.

You are not aiding criminals or international perfume syndicates by purchasing our fragrances; rather, you are supporting South African jobs.

  • Smells the same

    They naturally have the same fragrance as the original designer scents. Selling perfumes that don't deliver would be pointless.

  • Lasts longer

    In comparison to the original, our imitation scents last longer. Why do you think our fragrances are superior to theirs?

    Dosage! Every perfume from the Fine Fragrance Collection contains 35% fragrance concentrate. The originals' doses, which vary from 7% to 28%, are significantly higher than this.

  • Sells for

    This remark is accurate in one sense—we are "cheap" because, in actuality, all perfume is inexpensive (the oil in a 50ml bottle costs about R20). Simply by being upfront and truthful, we are passing the savings directly to you.